Stockton Center

Stockton CenterStanislaus State Stockton Center is a proponent of higher education's role in improving the economic, social, and cultural life of San Joaquin County. Working with other institutions, the Stanislaus State-Stockton Center offers collaborative initiatives and programs to benefit the community. It provides an opportunity to create a unique environment for learning and to form strategic partnerships with various businesses, organizations, and institutions in the Stockton area and beyond.

Wellness WORKs! is co-located at the Stockton Center in University Park, and provides wellness classes and activities to San Joaquin County CalWORKs participants. It is a partnership between Stanislaus State and San Joaquin County Mental Health Services, the agency that contracts with the University to specifically serve CalWORKs recipients. Since December 2000, Work Wellness: The Basics - a curriculum of topics and activities based on a holistic model of wellness - has been offered two to three weeks each month. To date, more than 5,000 recipients have attended classes at Wellness WORKs!