Staff & Faculty Parking

Parking Fundamentals

  • Parking Guidelines
  • Summer 2018 Parking Permits, valid 5/29/18 – 8/22/18
  • Annual 2019 Parking Permits, valid 7/1/18 – 6/30/19
  • Fall 2018 Faculty/Staff Parking Permits, valid 8/15/18 – 1/2/19
  • Parking permits must be displayed on the inside, lower left corner of the windshield adhered to the glass face up or displayed on a clear mirror hanger available at MyCampusPermit. Motorcycle permits must be displayed on the outside of the front fork.
  • Training:  To request an overview on parking, call 667-3114.
  • Map of Faculty/Staff parking areas 
  • If you forgot your permit or it is in a different vehicle, purchase a daily permit from a daily permit dispenser.

Buying a Permit

  • Parking permit costs
  • Semester permits for stuents, Faculty and Staff are available for purchase online at MyCampusPermit.
  • Current Annual permit holders who are participating in payroll deduction must provide a shipping address for their annual parking permit by logging into MyCampusPermit.
  • New employees who qualify for payroll deduction (must be a 12 month employee) must authorize the deduction at Payroll Services.
  • Daily permits are available near campus entrances for $6 (have cash/change available).  View map of daily permit dispenser locations.
  • Motorcycle permits are available at a reduced rate at MyCampusPermit.  View map for designated motorcycle parking locations.
  • Reserved parking permits are available to full VP’s and Dean’s at the discretion of the President’s Office.

Cancelling Automatic Payroll Deduction

If you choose to cancel automatic payroll deduction for parking, please consider the following:

  • Parking deductions occur one month in advance (i.e. May deduction pays for June parking).
  • Report to University Police Department and complete the Notice to the State Controller of Payroll Deduction Authorization, Form CD88, indicate the month and year your deduction will end and that you want to delete your parking payroll deduction. Submit the completed form to University Police Department before the first of the month, you want your parking deduction to end.
  • Relinquish your parking permit to University Police Department (attach it to Form CD88).
  • University Police Department will forward the completed form to Payroll to cancel your automatic deduction.
  • Any parking refund, will be sent to you.

University Visitors

  • For all visitors, volunteers and vendors, submit a Guest Parking Request no later than two days prior to their visit.
  • Areas marked with bright, yellow reserved signs are not for visitors.
  • All buses are to park in Lot 11A (gravel lot), see campus map.
  • 1-hour metered parking is available in Lot 1 near the Library (around University Circle).
  • Free, temporary (time-limit) parking spaces are available in:
    • Lot 11 near MSR (campus administrative building)
    • Lot 8 near the Arena
    • Lot 2 near the Art and Theatre buildings

Event Services

  • Request a parking area for an event via the Master Calendar, R25. 
    • Event parking is not automatically exempt from payment.
  • Parking Services:

Disabled Parking

  • To use a disabled parking space (or to park in a metered space), a valid CSU Stanislaus parking permit as well as a valid DMV Placard or Disabled plate must be displayed (CCR Title 5, Division 5, Article 7, 42200 & Ed. Code 67301a). 
  • Enforced 24/7, year-round
  • Disabled parking map

Year-Round Enforcement

  • Parking permits are enforced in all lots 7AM-10PM, M-F, including non-instruction days (e.g. spring break). Permits do not exempt vehicles from paying parking meter fees, unless displayed with a valid DMV issued disabled placard or plate.
  • Student semester and daily permits are valid in employee parking areas after 4 p.m. and in areas marked with bright, yellow reserved signs after 5 p.m.
  • The following areas are enforced 24/7 year-round:  Disabled stalls, red curbs, fire lanes, time-limit spaces, service/maintenance stalls, white and yellow curbs and meter parking.
  • Service vehicle spaces must be available to ambulance, fire, police, maintenance and other service vehicles.  Vehicles parked over 20 minutes in service vehicle only spaces may receive a parking ticket.

Parking Tickets

  • Don’t delay!  You have 21 days from the date the ticket was issued to dispute or pay the original fine amount.  Visit to pay or dispute. 
  • All disputes are processed through the online process.  To pay in person, visit UPD M-F during campus business hours.


Parking and Traffic Ordinances (PTO's) - Vehicles with five or more unpaid parking tickets are subject to impound per California Vehicle Code 22651.

  • PTO-1: No parking permit displayed - $33.00
  • PTO-2: Fictitious or forged permit - $121.00
  • PTO-3: Permit not displayed properly - $28.00
  • PTO-4: Misuse of parking permit - $41.00
  • PTO-5: Parked in wrong area - $28.00
  • PTO-6: Expired meter - $33.00
  • PTO-7: Parked in restricted area - $28.00
  • PTO-8: Not parked in designated space - $28.00
  • PTO-9: Failure to obey lawful order - $53.00
  • PTO-10: Parked in posted reserved - $60.00
  • PTO-11: Driving in restricted area - $39.00
  • PTO-12: Parked overnight w/o permission - $28.00
  • PTO-14: Subsection bicycle violation - $28.00
  • PTO-15: Failure to obey sign - $43.00
  • PTO 16: Defacing sign - $73.00
  • PTO-18: Use of lost or stolen decal - $121.00