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 How to Access Blackboard

Use the Stan State Portal for Bb sign in

     Information on myStanState Help page

 Special Account Sign In  (e.g. Test Student account)


Bb Best Practices

- Test Taking Basics

  • Use Firefox or Chrome 
  • Use a computer with a wired connection
  • - High-Speed recommended
    - Avoid mobile devices and WiFi
  • Click only Bb navigation buttons and links
  • Click links or buttons once and wait
  • Read the complete Test Taking Tips
  • Problem? Take Screen Shots  
    - Contact your instructor immediately  
    - Contact OIT

- Submitting, Attaching, Uploading

  • Close the file and quit the file's application before uploading
    - open files may not upload correctly, invalidating your work
  • File Name - use only letters, numerals, hyphens, and underscores
    - Other characters or spaces may corrupt the file and make it unusable
  • Limit File Name to a maximum of 64 characters

- Manage My Courses Module

- Media Files

- Portfolios


Quick Links

Use Firefox or Chrome for best Bb results.

Unhide your Course Menu 
Faculty - Check Edit Mode 


Browser Information

Blackboard Browser Checker

  • We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome for Blackboard
  • Bb, Inc., browser support
    - some browsers work better than others for different Bb activities
    - your experience depends on your personal settings
    - if you encounter issues, use a different 
  • Clear your browser's cache
  • Keep browser, plugins, and related software up to date
    - use automatic updates or check regularly and run updates
  • Click Accept or Continue to update certificate information
  • Avoid using custom browsers from Internet Service Providers 
    (e.g., AOL, Charter, Comcast)
  • For best results, use a wired, High-Speed Internet connection 
    (e.g., Cable, DSL)
  • Avoid wireless (WiFi) connections and mobile devices for tests and uploads


Stan State Communication and Collaboration Tools

  - Camtasia - screen recording with editing
  - Collaborate - Bb web conferencing
  - Mediasite - lecture capture and content streaming
  - VoiceThread - voice and video collaboration, lecture recording
             Use Firefox or Google Chrome.
  - SnagIt - screen shot program to capture and edit images and video
             With Grab Text, to capture text from PDF and other files
  - YouTube Mashup - add your own video to a Bb page  
  - Zoom - online meetings and presentations, virtual office hours

  OneDrive for Stan State


  Bb Spell Check - Firefox -macOS/OSx

 - Issue:  Users can't select the correctly spelled word.
This is a Known Issue that Bb plans to fix.  No release date.
Use Safari or Chrome for Bb spell check







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