Intramural Sports Program Information

The Intramural Sports Program at Stanislaus State has a unique format designed to allow the participant to participate in multiple sports during each semester.  

We conduct multiple sports leagues for six weeks at a time concurrently between the start of the semester until the end of the semester.  We then hold the playoffs and championship games for those sports at various times prior to the end of the semester.  This allows the participants to play multiple sports during the course of the semester.

To get a PDF of the schedule click here

The captains meetings are where we will determine what days and times the different leagues will take place by using instant scheduling.  This just means that the captains that attend the captains meeting for each sport will select the days and times that the leagues will take place.

The captains meetings for each sport that we will conduct this fall will be listed here when dates are determined:

To participate, you will need to register online at the Student Fitness Center, per sport team entry is $10.00 and submit your team entry prior to the posted deadlines.  

For more information, please contact us at 209-667-3754 or

A team representative will be required to attend the captains meeting for the sport.  Once the representative has attended the meeting, the players have purchased their Intramural Sports Pass, and your roster has met the minimum number of players required, your team will be unlocked and able to play!

All leagues will be Co-Rec divisions as well as competitive and recreational divisions.  All captains meetings will be held in the Warrior Stadium Press Box.

If you have questions or need more info, please contact Victor Lucatero at 209-667-3754 or

Alumni, Faculty & Staff Intramurals Participation Policy

Effective, January 1st, 2015, Stanislaus State Alumni, Faculty & Staff must purchase an alumni, faculty or staff membership to the SRC Student Fitness Center and an Intramural Sports Pass to be able to participate in the Intramural Sports Program. Membership rates information

Intramural Sports Passes may be purchased at the Student Fitness Center Front Desk or online at: 

Alumni are defined as anyone that has attended and graduated from Stanislaus State.  This policy does not apply to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at Stanislaus State.  Alumni wishing to participate in the program will also need to obtain an Alumni Card issued by the Stanislaus State Alumni Association to verify their graduation from Stanislaus State.  For more information on the Stanislaus State Alumni Association, visit the Alumni website. There is no fee to obtain an Alumni Association Card.

The Student Recreation Complex focus is to assist in the development of the student physically, mentally and emotionally through active participation. The SRC is the focal point for recreational opportunities at Stanislaus State. Our staff believes that physical activity plays a vital role in the development and maintenance of a "healthy, well-adjusted" student. The activities available are a means to educate, provide opportunities for group and individual competition, provide opportunities for social and personal interaction between students, provide guidance in the area of health-related fitness, and to provide student leadership opportunities.