Early Assessment Program: College Readiness

Each Spring high school juniors across California participate in statewide testing through the California Assessment for Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP/SBAC). Embedded within the test are Early Assessment Program (EAP) components that determines placement of the student at the California State University (CSU) level. Students have multiple opportunities to become College Ready. Please take a look at what is required within each Level based on the CAASPP/SBAC results.

Ready – Level 4 – Standard Exceeded

11th grade students will have an opportunity to demonstrate college readiness through the CAASPP/SBAC. If students receive Standard Exceeded – Level 4 in Math and/or English, they will automatically be able to participate in college-level coursework once enrolled at the college level. Other ways of demonstrating college readiness are through the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the American College Testing (ACT), and Advanced Placement (AP) Exams of 3 or higher. 

Ready for English and math college level courses

Exempt from EPT and/or ELM and CSU Early Start Program

Conditionally Ready – Level 3 – Standard Met

Scoring Level 3 – Standard Met, on the CAASPP/SBAC exam at the 11th grade demonstrates Conditionally Ready at the CSU college level. You can also become “Conditionally Ready” by scoring within specific ranges on the SAT and ACT. If students are Conditionally Ready, they have an opportunity their senior year (12th grade) to complete an approved course to fulfill the Conditional status. Successful completion of an approved course with a Conditionally Ready status allows participation in college-level coursework once enrolled. Stanislaus State uses Confirmation of Final Grade Forms in order to clear students if they are in an approved course (see below). If students do not participate in an approved course their senior year, they will be required to participate in the Early Start Program.

Not Yet Ready or Not Ready – Level 1 & 2 – Standard Not Met

Scoring Standard Not Met – Level 1 & 2 on the CAASPP/SBAC indicates that students are not ready for college level coursework. If students are unable to show college readiness through other measures (SAT, ACT) then they are required to participate in placement exams at a California State University (CSU). If scores are high enough on the exams, they can demonstrate college readiness.  If they are unable to show college readiness through placement, the student must participate in the Early Start Program.