Scholarship Information

Scholarship Application Process

Stanislaus State uses the STARS (Scholarship Tracking and Review System) online program to help students search and apply for scholarships. Scholarship applicants will have the ability to upload documents to their scholarship application (such as letters of recommendation, academic transcripts and thank-you letters) as well as check on the status of their application.

Please remember that applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships is FREE and you do not have to pay anyone for a scholarship or scholarship information. Also, the Financial Aid and Scholarship office does not process or request scholarship information over the phone. If you have any questions about scholarship information or application, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

2016-2017 STARS Scholarship Application

Application Deadline:  March 2, 2016

  • All sections of the online application need to be completed by this date.
  • All documents have to be turned in (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.)

STARS Scholarship Application Instructions

Step-by-Step Instruction on the STARS Online application

  • Each section of the application is listed in detail
  • Contains information and helpful tips for completing the entire scholarship application

For Proper Operations

For best performance, sure to use the following Internet browser:

  • Use Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Allow pop-ups
  • Enable Cookies

Have feedback on the STARS process? E-mail the Financial Aid Office with your comments or questions.

After you complete the online scholarship application

After the deadline date of March 2, 2016, we will begin the review process for all Stanislaus State scholarships. You check on your status, you can log back into STARS Online™.

We will begin sending e-mail award notifications to students beginning in June and will continue through summer. Award notifications will be sent to the email address you indicated in your application. Make sure to keep this address updated in STARS. Any updates to your email address made in your MyCSUStan account will not transfer into STARS.  You will need to update it separately.