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California State University, Stanislaus has many faculty and staff who have expertise on a broad array of topics and are available to comment as well as make speaking appearances. You can contact them directly through the University Experts/Speakers Directory.

The sources are grouped by general topics as well as alphabetically; you may also download a PDF version of the complete directory. Many of the University's faculty, administration, and staff are highly qualified to address a number of topics at the regional, state, national, and international levels.

If you need general information about a department or program or help in locating a particular expert, call Public Affairs at (209) 667-3997.

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Dr. As`ad AbuKhalil, Political Science/Public Administration, (209) 667-3536

  • Middle East and Central Asian Issues
  • Politics of the Arab World
  • Methodology of Women in the Arab World
  • Terrorism Issues

Abukhalil has published books regarding the "War on Terrorism." As an expert on the Middle East and Central Asian Issues and native of Lebanon, Abukhalil is sought after by organizations and the media all over the world for commentary.

Ph.D., Georgetown University

Phone: (209) 667-3536

Dr. Kofi Akwabi-Ameyaw, Anthropology, (209) 667-3097

  • Cultural Issues
  • Development Issues - Population, Environment, Health and Medical Systems, Agriculture, Human Development, and Quality of Life
  • International Development, Particularly Africa

A graduate of the University of Ghana, Akwabi-Ameyaw has extensive background on his native Africa, where he has done research on the cultural topics he teaches. He has researched resettlement issues in Zimbabwe and related agricultural development topics.

Ph.D., University of Florida

Phone: (209) 667-3097



Dr. Ellen Bell, Anthropology, (209) 667-3188

  • Meso-American Archaeology
  • Maya iconography and hieroglyphs
  • Archaeological conservation
  • Maya Archeography
  • Archeography of Gender

Bell has been actively researching archaeology in Honduras for almost 20 years. She spent nine years excavating and analyzing the royal tombs at the Maya center in Copan, Honduras, and has pioneered a program involving local residents in archeological research. Her published works include a text examining the Mayan city of Copan, and a series of articles on tomb preservation in Expedition Magazine.

Phone: (209) 667-3188

Dr. Brenda Betts, Teacher Education, (209) 667-3793

  • Elementary Teacher Training
  • Social Studies Methods
  • Multicultural, Bilingual Education
  • English As A Second Language
  • Education for Social Justice and Gender Equity

Betts teaches courses in Social Studies Methods and Multicultural/Bilingual Education for the Multiple Subjects Credential Program. She serves on the Board of Directors for the California Council for Social Studies. Betts is a frequent contributor to the Social Studies Review and has done extensive research on women's history topics. She is co-author of the book, Stealing My Joy: Women's Stories about Rape, and co-director of the Healing Ourselves Project, an organization to support the recovery of rape victims. Fluent in English and Spanish, she previously lived and taught in Asia for 10 years.

Ph.D., University of Southern California

Phone: (209) 667-3793

Dr. John A. Borba, Advanced Studies in Education, (209) 667-3260

  • Education Administration
  • Education Curriculum Development and Technology
  • Teacher Credential Programs
  • School Finance
  • Special Education
  • Multicultural Education

Borba has been an elementary school teacher, junior high school and elementary school principal, and central office administrator. He is currently Coordinator of the Administrative Services Credential programs and Master of Arts Degree in School Administration and Supervision. His specialties include curriculum development, staff development, program evaluation, school finance, special education, multicultural education, and educational technology. He has developed the Stanislaus State Educational Doctorate program scheduled to debut in 2008.

Ed.D., University of the Pacific

Phone: (209) 667-3260

Dr. Valerie E. Broin, Philosophy, (209) 667-3527

  • Feminist Philosophy
  • Violence Against Women
  • Philosophical Analysis of the Self
  • Contemporary Continental Philosophy
  • Existentialism

President of the Board of Directors for the Haven Women's Center of Stanislaus County, Broin is an expert on domestic violence topics. Her research covers philosophical conceptions of self-perception to aid healing from violence and trauma.

Ph.D., University of Colorado

Phone: (209) 667-7537, 667-3527


Dr. Marjorie Chan, Operations Management, (209) 667-3445

  • Organizational Justice
  • Trust/Distrust in Organizations
  • Social Capital and the Entrepreneurial Role
  • Violations of Service Fairness and Legal Ramifications: The
    Case of the Managed Care Industry

An expert in the management field, Chan has published a variety of articles on the above topics.


Phone: (209) 667-3445

Dr. Sarah Chan, Music, (209) 667-3429

  • Piano Studies: Piano Performance, Pedagogy, Literature; Collaborative Piano
  • Music Theory:  Diatonic and Chromatic Harmony, Form and Analysis, 18th-c. Counterpoint
  • Music Composition:  Tonal and 20th-c. Post-Tonal Techniques
  • Music History
  • Aural Skills 
  • Arts Investment as a Contributor to Economic and Social Revitalization at Municipal, Regional, National, and International Levels of Effect
  • Contemporary Chinese Piano Music and Its Compositional, Aethestic, and Cultural Liaisons to Native and Western European Art Music
  • French and Spanish Piano Music at the Dawn of the 20th Century
  • Pioneer Music of the Great American Westward Movement, 1840-1930

Dr. Chan is an international concert pianist, masterclass teacher, adjudicator, and lecturer.  She has performed throughout America, Europe, and Asia at venues that include the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Carnegie Hall Weill Hall, Merkin Concert Hall, Berlin Philharmonic Hall Kammermusiksaal, Künstlerhaus Hall-Munich, La Cité Internationale des Arts-Paris, Sala Atenu-Romania, Beifang University Performing Arts Center-China, and Ningxia Normal University Concert Hall-China.  As masterclass teacher, she has taught at professional, university, and pre-college levels throughout the U.S. and in China, and has judged for competitions including those of The American Prize, U.S. Open Music, Frances Walton Music, Crescendo International Music, Classical Masters Music, Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC).  Dr. Chan has lectured at arts, humanities, and business conferences on diverse topics of the musical arts and the interdisciplinary engagement of music with other fields of study and sectors of society.

D.M.A., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

Phone:  (209) 667-3429

Dr. Chau-pu Chiang, Sociology and Criminal Justice, (209) 667-3665

  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Tobacco Use
  • Survey Design

Chiang researches white-collar crime, American prisons, and illegal immigrants as well as tobacco-related issues, including profitability analysis and attitudes toward cigars and smokeless tobacco.

Ph.D., Washington State University

Phone: (209) 667-3665

Dr. Elmano Costa, Teacher Education, Director/Portuguese Studies (209) 632-6921, 667-3638

  • Diversity Issues
  • Immigration Issues
  • Second Language Learners
  • School Administration
  • Portuguese-American Issues

A native of the Azores, Portugal, who taught and served as a principal in area schools for many years, Costa has done research which has focused on bilingual education and mathematics education. He serves as Director of the Center for Portuguese Studies at Stanislaus State.

Costa is currently the Director of the Office of Field Services for the Multiple Subject Credential Program.

Ed.D., University of the Pacific

Phone (209) 632-6921, 667-3638


Dr. Scott Davis, English, (209) 667-3883

  • Literature

Davis teaches undergraduate and graduate-level courses in American literature and culture. He is an active member of the Stanislaus State community, participating in several committees dedicated to advancing higher education. Davis is currently Chair of the Department of English and recently served as the Senior Writer for the Self-Study Team for WASC Reaccreditation.

Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz

Phone: (209) 667-3883

Dr. Peter DeCaro, Communication Studies, (209) 667-3374

  • Public/Media Relations
  • International Relations

DeCaro, an active member of the Stanislaus State community, spearheaded the online and television/broadcasting initiatives on campus and has been involved in several international programs. In 2004, DeCaro was the keynote speaker at the 8th Annual International Journalism and Communication Studies Forum at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. In 2005, DeCaro traveled to Peru to establish academic and business ties between Stanislaus State and South America.

Ph.D., Florida State University, Tallahassee

Phone: (209) 667-3374

Dr. Christopher De Vries, Mathematics and Physics, (209) 667-3553

  • Triggered Star Formation
  • Astronomy, Physics Issues

De Vries has developed internationally recognized outer space research on star formation in bright-rimmed clouds. He compares his triggered star formation observations on powerful telescopes to modeled clouds through a technique that he has scientifically created.

Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Phone: (209) 667-3553


Dr. Edward C. Erickson, Economics, (209) 667-3338

  • Money and Banking
  • Business Cycles and Financial Institutions

As a longtime member of the Department of Economics, Erickson has a strong background and knowledge of money, banking topics, and macroeconomics.

Ph.D., University of Southern California

Phone: (209) 667-3338

Dr. Betsy Eudey, Associate Professor of Gender Studies; Director Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, (209) 667-3215, (209) 664-6673

  • Women's and Gender Issues (especially related to education, activism, popular culture, workplace)
  • Faculty Development and strategies of teaching

Dr. Eudey has engaged in research and publication on gender and education, women??s and feminist activism, instructional strategies for face-to-face and online education, and the field of women??s and gender studies.

Ph.D., Ohio State University

Phone: (209) 667-3215, (209) 664-6673

Clay Everett, Theatre, (209) 667-3452

  • Technical Director
  • Lighting Design

Everett has many years of theater experience that include acting, set design, light design, and technical directing.

M.F.A., Humboldt State University

Phone: (209) 667-3452


Dr. Horacio Ferriz, Geology, (209) 667-3874

  • Natural Disasters
  • Earth History
  • Volcanoes
  • Groundwater Exploration
  • Utilization of Natural Resources
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Soil and Water Engineering
  • Cactus Recipes

Ferriz specializes in the applications of geology to engineering, groundwater development, mineral exploration, and management of natural hazards. He is the author of numerous scientific papers and a practicing professional geologist who has done extensive work in Mexico and Ethiopia. Ferriz also is well known for his tasty cactus delicacies.

Phone: (209) 667-3874

Dr. Steven Filling, Accounting and Finance, (209) 667-3773, 3670

  • Network Information Use
  • Business Information Systems
  • Multi-Platform Environments

Filling's specialties and teaching interests include managerial and cost accounting, implementation of accounting information systems, and electronic funds transfer systems, auditing and accounting information systems, professional ethics and uses of the Internet in accounting, and teaching accounting. He focuses on learning the intricacies of networks and investigating videoconferencing as a distance learning tool. Filling has led workshops on computer use, network resource use, and systems implementation at accounting conferences in New York, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Phone: (209) 667-3773

Dr. J. Sue Fletcher , Chair of Departmnt of Kinesiology, (209) 667-3326

  • Alchohol/Drug Education
  • School Health and Safety
  • Sexuality Education

Dr. Fletcher has presented papers all over the world on a variety of topics linked to her research. She was an invited speaker at the 2008 Third Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights held in Abuja, Nigeria. Her presentations have included the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (CAHPERD); American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (AAHPERD); Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS); World Association of Sexuality Education (WASE); and American Association of Health Education (AAHE).

Ed.D., University of San Francisco

Phone: (209) 667-3326


Dr. Huan Gao, Criminal Justice, (209) 664-6676

  • Substance Abuse
  • Women and Crime
  • Comparative Criminology

Dr. Gao's groundbreaking research on women heroin use in China will be published by Routledge in its Advances in Criminology Series in July 2011. Using intensive interviews with 131 female heroin users, this book explores the careers of female heroin users in China under changing social contexts in the reform era. This groundbreaking book has important policy implications for both China and the international society in the context of increasing global concern about women's substance abuse. Dr. Gao is also working on a book chapter "Substance Misuse and Drug Trafficking" for the Handbook of Asian Criminology (is excepted to be published by Springer in 2011). She has also published several other book chapters in the field of criminology and criminal justice and presented her research at both national and international conferences.

Ph.D., Rutgers University
Phone: (209) 664-6676


Sara Garfield, Teacher Education, Director of Transitional Learning Center for Homeless Children, (209) 467-5332

  • Education Programs For Homeless Children
  • Children of Poverty
  • Literacy for At-Risk Youth
  • Tutor Training
  • Community Service and Service Learning
  • Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching

Garfield, longtime director of the Transitional Learning Center for Homeless Children in Stockton, has extensive background in literacy and working with children of poverty and the homeless from a community-based, collaborative approach. She received the President's Award for Service in Education from President Bill Clinton for her volunteer work and founded the Transitional Learning Center where children of the homeless are educated while their poverty-stricken families seek assistance to get back on their feet. Garfield is the author of Educating our Homeless Youth.

M.S., University of Wisconsin-Superior

Phone: (209) 467-5332

Dr. Marina M. Gerson, Biology, (209) 664-6547

  • Herpetology
  • Ecology
  • Desert Biology
  • Behavioral Ecology

Gerson is an expert in lizard ecology and behavior, statistical techniques, field biology, desert and tropical biology, and curatorial techniques. An active member of her discipline, Gerson recently published "Physiological Tolerances of Three Sympatric Riparian Wolf Spiders Correspond with Microhabitat distributions."

Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington

Phone: (209) 664-6547

Dr. Zac Gershberg, Communication Studies, (209) 667-3308

  • Presidential Oratory
  • Rhetoric in American Politics
  • Persuasion in American society
  • Effects of Journalism and the Mass Media

Dr. Gershberg's research and teaching interests consist of analyzing mediated messages and public speeches in American culture. While he typically teaches courses such as Persuasive Messages, Mass Media, Communication Theory, and Argumentation & Debate, Dr. Gershberg is offering, in the fall 2012 semester, a senior-level elective, Political Communication, in order to coincide with the presidential election.

Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Phone: (209) 667-3308

Dr. Phyllis B. Gerstenfeld, Criminal Justice, (209) 667-3229

  • Hate Crimes
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Death Penalty
  • Constitutional Law
  • Psychology and Law
  • Criminal Law

Graduate of a joint law/psychology program, Gerstenfeld researches the subject of hate crimes, one of her course specialties and the focus of a recent book. She also has done extensive research on death penalty issues.

Ph.D. & J.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Phone: (209) 667-3229

Dr. Lawrence Giventer, Political Science, (209) 667-3509

  • Public Policy
  • Statistical Analysis (Public Opinion Polling and Research)
  • Public Administration Programs
  • California Government 

A highly sought after expert in the field of politics as well as public policy, statistical analysis, and public administration, Giventer led the formation of the University's fully-accredited Master's in Public Administration Program. He started his career as an engineer and later transitioned to the public administration and public policy fields. He is the author of Statistical Analysis for Public Administration and Governing California.

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Phone: (209) 667-3509

Dr. Mark Grobner, Biology, (209) 667-3628

  • Rabbit Production
    • nutrition
    • reproduction
    • management
    • health
  • Early Embryonic Development and Transfer of
    Domestic Animals
  • Internet/Computers in Teaching Biology

Grobner has expertise in commercial rabbit production and early embryonic development and embryo transfer in domestic animals. He studies biological issues and technology within the sciences. His web-based teaching focuses on computers and the use of the internet to deliver course content.

Ph.D., Oregon State University

Phone: (209) 667-3628


Dr. Randall D. Harris, Operations Management, (209) 667-3723

  • Strategic Management/Organization Theory
  • Strategic Planning

Currently the director of both the Executive MBA and new Online MBA program, Harris has done extensive research on a variety of business and economic topics. He is an active case researcher with a current emphasis on the U.S. banking industry. He has been a consultant for Stanislaus State and other local businesses and organizations. Harris has published several articles, helped garner several grants to benefit the region, and presented on topics dealing with teaching.

Ph.D., University of Florida

Phone: (209) 667-3723

Dr. April Hejka-Ekins, Politics and Public Administration, (209) 667-3285

  • Public Service Ethics and Organizational Development
  • Service Learning

Specializing in public service ethics and organizational development, Hejka-Ekins conducts workshops and consults with organizations on public service ethics, organizational development, and service learning.

Ph.D., University of Southern California

Phone: (209) 667-3285

Dr. Jennifer Helzer, Associate Professor of Geography, (209) 667-3010

  • Cultural Geography (geopolitics, world religions & belief systems, global issues, population and migration, diversity of the world??s peoples, places and environments)
  • Migration and Settlement of world cultures, especially those linking California to other regions of the globe
  • Urbanization and Cities
  • Human-Environment Interaction
  • California Cultures and Environments

Dr. Helzer conducts research on the immigrant geographies of diverse ethnic and cultural-heritage groups. She has written on a wide range of cultural-geographic topics including the construction of ethnic heritage, regional identity and place-making, transnational migration, and cultural landscape change. In 2007 she was a visiting scholar at Flinders University in Australia where she conducted a comparative study of Italian immigrants in California and Australia, looking at the connections between landscape, culture, and regional identity. Her current work, Italians in the West: Migration, Settlement and Ethnic Place in Northern California, investigates the historical migration, settlement, and significance of Italians in Northern California. She has also researched the experience of Southeast Asian Refugees in California??s Sacramento Valley. Recent community service activities include Empowering a Forgotten Community: The Airport Neighborhood, Modesto, California, facilitating teaching and research opportunities for The BRIDGE community center in West Modesto, and working as an advisor on the California Council for the Humanities project: When We Were Young: The Experiences of Stocktonians across Three Generations.

Ph.D., University of Texas

Phone: (209) 667-3010

Janice L. Herring, Physical Education and Health, (209) 667-3855

  • Exercise Physiology and Fitness Training
  • Wellness Programs
  • Health Education
  • Health and Fitness Assessment
  • Aquatics
  • Physical Education Curriculum Design

With experience as a wellness program coordinator in the private sector, Herring is an expert on health, exercise physiology, fitness activity, and health and fitness assessment. In her research activity, she promotes healthy lifestyle programs and lifelong physical activity, bringing enjoyment to the individual.

M.S., Exercise Science, UC Davis

Phone: (209) 667-3855

Dr. Fred Hilpert, Communication Studies, (209) 667-3270

  • Organizational Communication
  • Communication Theory
  • Small Group Communication
  • Research Methods in Communication
  • Communication and Aging
  • Freedom of Speech and Press

Hilpert, a member of the Stanislaus State faculty since 1977, has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate-level courses. He has served as chair of the Communication Studies Department, participated in curriculum and course development projects, and published several articles dealing with the discipline of communication.

Ph.D., University of Oregon

Phone: (209) 667-3270

Dr. Jane S. Howard, Psychology, (209) 667-3504

  • Child Clinical Problems
  • Autism Disorder Treatment

Dr. Howard's focus has been on child clinical problems in social, developmental, behavioral, and academic domains. She founded a clinic that provides intensive academic remediation to school children. Her primary area of research involves identification of variables related to effective treatment, focused especially upon young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

Ph.D., Western Michigan University

Phone: (209) 667-3504


Dr. Kelvin Jasek-Rysdahl, Economics, (209) 667-3281

  • Public Policy
  • Economic Education
  • General Economic Conditions

Jasek-Rysdahl has conducted research on quality of life measurement and compiled revealing reports on the regional economy.

Ph.D., Colorado State University

Phone: (209) 667-3281

Dr. Terry D. Jones, Biology, (209) 667-3488

  • Dinosaurs
  • Vertebrate Anatomy, Functional Morphology, and Paleobiology

Jones uses modern animals and fossil records to reconstruct the biology of extinct groups. His published research focuses on dinosaurs and their relatives.

Ph.D., Oregon State University

Phone: (209) 667-3488


Diane Katsma, Nursing, (209) 667-3093

  • University Nursing Programs
  • Breast Health Issues
  • Intramuscular Injection Technique

Certified by the American Cancer Society as a breast health facilitator, Katsma is also involved in research studying the kinematics of hand motion during intramuscular injection.

M.N., University of California, Los Angeles

Phone: (209) 667-3093

Dr. Patrick Anthony Kelly, Biology & Endangered Species Recovery Program and Terrestrial Vertebrates, (209) 667-3446

  • Endangered Species
  • Zoology
  • Mammalogy

Working in applied conservation biology and regional environmental planning throughout California, Kelly has expertise in multiple areas of the sciences. He is deeply involved in administration and research as director of the Endangered Species Recovery Program at Stanislaus State. Trained as a mammalogist, Kelly specializes in rodents. He also works with the endangered San Joaquin kit fox and with ecosystem and landscape-level processes. Kelly has worked on the Upland Species of the San Joaquin Valley recovery plan for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Ph.D., UC Berkley

Phone (559) 453-1103 or 667-3446

Dr. Eungsuk Kim, Economics (209) 667- 3339

  • International Economics
  • Asian Markets

Kim is an expert on Asian economic issues and world markets.

Ph.D., Indiana University

Phone: (209) 667-3339

Dr. Ann K. Kohlhaas, Biology, (209) 667-3695

  • Zoology
  • Environmental Biology
  • Mammalogy

Kohlhaas has expertise in many different fields of science. She has a vast knowledge about zoology, environmental biology, biogeography, human anatomy, and mammalogy.

Ph.D., University of Colorado

Phone: (209) 667-3695

Dr. Jarrett Kotrozo, Management/Operations & Marketing, (209) 667-3856

  • Diversification
  • Absorptive Capacity
  • Set Theoretic Research
  • Classroom Technology

Considered a pioneer in the Management and Operations field, Kotrozo has published several peer-reviewed articles exploring absorptive capacity and the use of technology in the classroom. He was nominated for the Best Teaching Assistant Award at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for the 2006-2007 academic school year, and is a member of the Financial Management Association.

Phone: (209) 667-3856


Dr. Ian Littlewood, Physics, Physical Science and Geology, (209) 667-3467

  • Internet Web Page Development
  • Physics Instruction Through the Internet
  • Use of Interactive Web Technology, Including Java,
    JavaScript, VRML, CGI Scripting, Other Technology
    for Use in Teaching

Littlewood uses computer technology to enhance the physics curriculum and link students to the extensive information resources of the Internet. He has extensive experience with interactive web technology, including Java, JavaScript, Virtual Reality, and CGI Scripting. Littlewood has published a stand-alone software package used in the Virtual Astronomy Laboratory.

Ph.D., Oxford University

Office Phone: (209) 667-3467

Dr. Kimy Liu

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Reading and math instruction and assessment.

Phone: (209) 664-6743

Dr. Enrique Lopez Contreras, Modern Languages, (209) 667-3501

  • Bilingual Education
  • Venezuelan Culture

A former professor and university president in his native Venezuela, Lopez Contreras has extensive background in the Spanish language, bilingual education, and cultural language acquisition methods.

Ph.D., Simon Bolivar University

Phone: (209) 667-3501


Dr. Rhoda E. Macdonald, Sociology, (209) 667-3574

  • Mass Media
  • Sexuality
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Canada and U.S. Health Care

Macdonald draws on her extensive research background in current teen-related sexuality issues. She gave a 1996 presentation on "Prime Time TV's Sexual Imagery, Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality," in Houston, Texas. In 1999 she presented "Ten Years of Sex on Prime Time TV, 1989-1998," in Portland, Oregon, at the Pacific Sociological Association. In 2006, Dr. Macdonald edited Social Statistics: A Syllabi set with Sample Assignments and Exams for the American Sociological Association. Prior to completing this volume, she presented workshops on Social Statistics at the American Sociological Association meetings in Washington, D.C. and in San Francisco, CA.

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Phone: (209) 667-3574

Dr. John Mayer, Drama, (209) 667-3451

  • Comic Improvisation
  • American Theater of the 1930's
  • The Dynamics of Ensemble Performance

Mayer has studied with John Malkovich and Gary Sinise of Steppenwolf Theater and has also spent time as a student at Chicago's Second City. He is an expert on many different aspects of theater.

Ph.D., University of Missouri

Phone: (209) 667-3451

Dr. Abu Karimo Mboka, Criminal Justice, (209) 664-6822

  • Human Rights
  • International Conflicts
  • Governmental Response to Juvenile Delinquency
  • Social Justice

Mboka specializes in foreign relations, diplomacy issues, and international conflict management. He has extensive experience in teaching and authored a text examining social justice issues in West Africa.

Ph.D., Arizona State University

Phone: (209) 664-6822

Dr. Mira Mayer, Advanced Studies in Education, (209) 667-3447

  • Multicultural Issues
  • School Counseling
  • The Elderly
  • Israel

Specializing in counseling/teacher credential education, Mayer has expertise on multicultural issues and the elderly. A native of Israel and former member of the Israeli military, she is well versed on Middle East issues.

Ed.D., University of Cincinnati

Phone: (209) 667-3447

Dr. Caroline Mercier, Theatre, (209) 667-3456

  • Theatrical Design
  • Special Effect Make-up
  • 3D Painting

Mercier has designed for theatre, opera, magicians, and standup comics for more than 12 years in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She earned the distinction of being the first Ph.D. in Creative Costume Design in the Western world and is currently working on expanding the boundaries of theatrical design in the use of different artistic media.

Ph.D., Northumbria University, England

Phone: (209) 667-3456

Dr. Sari Miller-Antonio, Physical Anthropology, (209) 667-3604

  • Human Evolution and Ancient Humans in China
  • Archaeology in Asia
  • Asian Cultures
  • Forensic Anthropology and Skeletal Analysis

Miller-Antonio has done extensive archaeological research in China and integrates the findings into her anthropology and Asian studies courses. Her areas of expertise include Asian archaeology and the human fossil record, forensic anthropology, and skeletal biology. She has presented and published results of research from Dadong Cave in the remote southern Chinese province of Guizhou. She also has two skeletal biology research projects: one in Greece on Mycenaean tombs associated with Nestor??s Palace and another in Shandong, China on the Shang tombs from Daxinzhuang.

Ph.D., University of Arizona

Phone: (209) 667-3604

Dr. Susan Mokhtari, Physics, (209) 667-3466

  • Unification of Fundamental Forces
  • Super Gravity

Mokhtari is an expert in many physics-related topics. She most recently published "Gravitational Quasinormal Frequencies and Topological Black Holes."

Ph.D., Imperial College in Great Britain

Phone: (209) 667-3466

Geoffrey Mulder, Music, (209) 667-3426

  • Music Technology

Mulder has expertise in all aspects of music technology and the recording industry. He has served as a member of the Billings Symphony Orchestra for the past ten years. He has served as principal chair in the Lake Forest Symphony, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Dubuque Symphony, and as Concertmaster of the Chicago Chamber Opera and Westminster Chamber Players.

M.M., Roosevelt University, Chicago

Phone: (209) 667-3426

Dr. Lin Myers, Psychology/Cognitive Studies, (209) 667-3584, 3722

  • Human Sexuality
  • Neuroscience
  • Hormones and Behavior
  • Sexuality and Disability or Illness
  • Body Image
  • Cognitive Factors
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Brain and Mind
  • Philosophy of Science

With a research and teaching background in human sexuality, Myers is considered an international scholar on the subject. A licensed psychologist and life coach , she enjoys talking to organizations about her research as well as introducing people to ways to make life changes rapidly.

Ph.D., Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Phone: (209) 667-3584 or 667-3722


Dr. Peter Nelligan, Criminal Justice, (209) 667-3030

  • General Criminology
  • Victimology
  • Death Penalty

An expert in many aspects of criminal justice, Nelligan has published research on various topics relating to crime. He co-published A Comparative Analysis of Victim Impact Testimony in Capital Cases in New Jersey and Texas. His latest publication is Federalization of the Criminal Law and Its Impact on Law Enforcement. Nelligan's current research interests are in the use of victim impact statements in the penalty phase of capital murder trials and policy issues pertaining to the care of terminally ill prison inmates.

Ph.D., University of Hawaii

Phone: (209) 667-3030

Dr. Todd Nelson, Psychology, (209)-667-3442

  • Prejudice, Stereotyping, Discrimination
  • Social Influence (Obedience, Conformity)
  • Persuasion
  • Senior Issues

Dr. Nelson has published various articles on race prejudice. His recent work focuses on ageism and prejudice against older adults. He also has published a textbook on prejudice and edited a volume on ageism.

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Phone: (209)-667-3442


Dr. Paul O'Brien, Sociology, (209) 667-3748

  • Disasters
  • World Trade Center reactions

O'Brien conducts research on how people react to disasters. He did extensive studies in New York following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. He gathered information in the World Trade Center neighborhood shortly after the attacks that was included in a book published by the National Science Foundation. O'Brien has conducted interviews in the aftermath of natural disasters - earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes. His research has revealed that many children near Ground Zero were having severe nightmares involving visions of planes crashing into their homes.

Ph.D., Colorado State University

Phone: (209) 667-3748

Jerome O'Donnell, Drama, (209) 667-3196

  • Teaching and Coaching Acting and Directing
  • Theater Productions
  • Classical Theater and Shakespeare

An accomplished actor who has toured the nation with the National Shakespeare Company of New York and performed on Broadway, O'Donnell is an acknowledged expert on teaching and coaching acting and directing. He was named the 2008-09 Stanislaus State Outstanding Professor. He directs the annual Stanislaus State Shakespeare Festival. O'Donnell and his wife, Patricia, an actress and drama instructor, have created semi-professional theater venues in the University region.

M.A., Temple University

Phone: (209) 667-3196
E-mail: JO'


Dr. Elaine J. Peterson, Economics, (209) 667-3327

  • Public Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Labor and Health Economics

Peterson has authored Epidemics and Neighborhood Change: An Examination From 1970 to 1990, a regional analysis and policy publication. She is co-author of Children of Early Childbearers as Young Adults, a chapter in a book titled Kids Having Kids. Areas of research include neighborhood effects, influences on children's success as young adults, intergenerational effects of early childbearing, community health partnerships, and crime trends.

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Phone: (209) 667-3327

Dr. Dawn Poole, Education Technology, (209) 667-3495

  • Education Technology
  • Technology in K-12 Curriculum

A member of the University's Advanced Studies in Education faculty who specializes in teaching technology to teachers, Dr. Poole has received an award for her telecommunications project linking pre-service teachers with students around the country. She has played a key role in the training of teachers and development of distance learning partnership programs with regional schools.

Ph.D., Iowa State University

Phone: (209) 667-3495

Dr. William Potter, Psychology, (209) 667-3518

  • Children and Verbal Behavior
  • Computer-based Learning
  • Human Learning

Potter has expertise on learning perspectives of language and has programmed and implemented a number of computer-based learning systems. He researches neural networks for studying language acquisition.

Ph.D., Western Michigan University

Phone: (209) 667-3518


Dr. Samuel O. Regalado, History, (209) 667-3238, 3692

  • Latin-American, Japanese-American Baseball
  • United States Sports History
  • Contemporary United States
  • Mexican-American History
  • United States Ethnic and Immigration History

Regalado has studied and written about the role of Latinos in American professional baseball, appeared on a number of television documentaries, and was designated a Smithsonian Faculty Fellow in 1994. He also has researched the athletic activities of the Japanese American Nisei generation and baseball competition during the period of the World War II internment of Japanese-American citizens. Regalado is the author of Viva Baseball: Latin Major Leagues and their Special Hunger.

Ph.D., Washington State University

Phone: (209)667-3692

Michael Matoso, Director of Athletics, (209) 667-3016

  • College Athletics

Matoso has an extensive background in athletics administration. Prior to his arrival in Turlock, Matoso spent 13 years at the University of San Diego (USD) in various roles. He served as senior associate director of athletics (2005 - 2012), associate director of athletics for compliance and administration 2000 - 2005) and academic support coordinator (1999 - 2000).

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Phone: (209) 667-3016

Dr. Stephen R. Routh, Political Science, (209) 667-3363

  • American Government
  • The Presidency
  • The Legislative Process
  • Public Law

Routh specializes in presidential-congressional relations, presidential advisory and decision-making, presidential appointment politics, and congressional decision-making on roll call votes. He has publications and journal submissions on Senate confirmation of presidential nominations to the executive and judicial branches as well as on Ronald Reagan, the Great Society programs of Lyndon Johnson, and American decision-making during the Vietnam War.

Ph.D., UC Davis
Phone: (209) 667-3363

Dr. Katherine Royer, History, (209) 667-3956

  • History of Capital Punishment
  • History of Disease
  • Religion in Early Modern Europe

A former physician, Royer has expertise on the history of disease and capital punishment.

Phone: (209) 667-3956


Dr. Marjorie Sanchez-Walker, History, (209) 667-3316

  • US-Mexico Immigration
  • Women's History
  • Mexico, Cuba, and Central America

Walker is a historian on ethical historical issues and has conducted research in Latin America. Her areas of expertise include comparative world women, 19th and 20th century Middle East, and comparative Atlantic slavery.

Ph.D., Washington State University

Phone: (209) 667-3316

Dr. Julia Sankey, Physics, Physical Science and Geology, (209) 667-3090

  • Dinosaurs

Sankey has conducted extensive dinosaur research, leading student field trips and participating in paleontological digs in the Western United States.

Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Phone: (209) 667-3090

Dr. Arnold Schmidt, English, (209) 667-3246

  • 18th and 19th Century British Literature
  • Grand Tour, Travel Writing, Creation of Italy as a Nation
  • Screenwriting and Creative Writing

In addition to on-going study of the literature of the sea, Schmidt has researched the influence of Byron on Italian politics. Schmidt assistant-produced The Silence, which was nominated for an Oscar in the short film category. He also wrote a screenplay for D©j  Vu, produced by Cannon Films which starred Jacklyn Smith, Nigel Terry, and Shelly Winters. He wrote the story for an episode of the Warner Brothers television sitcom Alice, which was nominated for an Emmy. Schmidt has also worked as a newspaper and magazine journalist, as well as in advertising and public relations.

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Phone: (209) 667-3246

Gordon Senior, Art, (209) 667-3437

  • Fine Art Contemporary Practice

Senior is an expert in the relationship between non-urban landscape and fine art practice.

Art Teaching Certificate, Goldsmiths' College, London University

Phone: (209) 667-3437

Dr. Robert Silverman, Computer Science, (209) 667-3872

  • UML (unified modeling language) software modeling language
  • Development and modeling of efficient organizational work processes
  • Agile software development processes
  • Software architecture development and evaluation
  • Ecommerce systems design
  • Cryptography

Dr. Silverman has extensive industry experience as well as academic experience. He is currently a professor in the Department of Computer Science.

Ph.D., Purdue University

Phone: (209) 667-3872

Stuart Sims, Music, (209) 667-3423

  • Orchestral Music of the Western Classical Canon
  • Wind Ensemble/Band Music, Primarily 20th Century American
  • Conducting Instrumental Ensembles
  • Instrumental Pedagogy
  • Music Education
  • Music and Society

Sims conducts the Stanislaus Symphony Orchestra, the Stanislaus Wind Ensemble and the Opera Orchestra at Stanislaus State. He is in demand as a guest conductor and clinician, and has presented on various topics ranging from conducting technique and repertoire evaluation/selection, to motivation in an ensemble setting. Sims specializes in 20th century American music, especially musicological intersection of varied "genres" such as classical, jazz, rock, hip hop, and others. Sims' particular side interests include music and spirituality, art as metaphor, and the importance of music in human life.

M.M., University of Michigan

Phone: (209) 667-3423

Paul M. Sivak, Field Supervisor and Child Welfare Training Project, Master of Social Work Program, (209) 667-3205

  • Child Abuse Mandated Reporting
  • Child Abuse Investigation and the Child Protection/Family Preservation Conflict
  • Mental Health Clients Rights Movement
  • Community Building, Intentional Communities, and Power

Sivak has an international background in public child welfare as an agency director and in deaf education, organizational development consulting, organizing, and program development. He trains grass roots and agency-based organizations in the philosophy and practice of family confidential and community building. 

M.S., State University of New York, Stony Brook 

Phone: (209) 667-3205
E-mail: or

Dr. Gökçe Soydemir, Finance, (209) 667-3296

  • International Finance
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Health Economics

Dr. Soydemir has published extensively on applied econometrics, regional economics, financial forecasting, and international finance. His expertise is in regional economic forecasting, valuations, economic impact analysis, international asset pricing, and health economics.

Ph.D. Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA; M. Phil., Glasgow University, Scotland, U.K.; B.S. Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Phone: (209) 667-3296

Dr. Harold Stanislaw, Psychology, (209) 667-3213

  • Industrial Inspection and Quality Control
  • Traffic Psychology and Traffic Safety Measures
  • Effects of Gender and Divided Attention on
    Human Performance
  • Effects of Video Games on Mental Abilities
  • Computer Interface Design

A former aerospace engineer and consultant to various government agencies and utility companies, Stanislaw has published numerous articles on industrial inspection, traffic safety, and applied psychology. Working with grants in the United States and overseas, he has researched traffic safety topics on divided attention, signal detection theory, and visuospatial abilities in males and females. Stanislaw has co-authored studies on medical research regarding diabetes detection in pregnant mothers and birth weight processes that have been published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine and participated in a team study on autism treatment methods. Named the University's Outstanding Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Activity Professor in 2009, Stanislaw brought more than $700,000 in grant funding to Stanislaus State for his research projects.


Phone: (209) 667-3213

Dr. Chad Stessman, Chemistry, (209) 664-6667

  • Organic Chemistry/Synthesis
  • Natural Products Chemistry

Stessman has expertise on synthesis and isolation of bioactive natural products.

Ph.D. University of Arizona

Phone: (209) 664-6667

Dr. Koni Stone, Chemistry, (209)667-3570

  • Cigarette Toxicology
  • Mutagens in Chlorinated Water

Dr. Stone's research interests include: the DNA-damaging effects of cigarette tar, isolation and characterization of biologically active natural products, and characterization of the products resulting from reactions of DNA and mutagens.

Ph.D., Wayne State University

Office Phone: (209) 667-3570

Dr. Ann Strahm, Sociology, (209) 667-3582

  • Sociology of Mass Media
  • Media and War
  • Political Economy
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Inequality

Strahm has completed research focusing on the mass media's presentation of war and U.S. foreign policy. Her published works include a study examining the Federal Trade Communications Commission and media ownership regulations. She was also the host of "Left Out," a political talk radio show in Eugene, Oregon.

Phone: (209) 667-3582

Dr. Stephen B. Stryker, English, (209) 667-3075

  • Bilingual Education and Second Language
    Acquisition Programs
  • International Programs

Stryker's background includes five years with the Foreign Service Institute of the State Department. He has also served abroad in programs that provide opportunities to learn about language and culture.

Ph.D., University of Arizona

Phone: (209) 667-3075

Dr. John Sumser, Communication Studies, (209) 667-3102

  • Media Topics
  • Popular Culture
  • Television Show Research

Sumser has published Morality and Social Order in Crime Drama, making some candid observations about television's hero vs. villain stereotypes and the evolution of those kinds of programs over the past 25 years. He has a strong background in survey information and public opinion and has produced a textbook on research methods. In June 2006, Sumser published a book about his Peace Corps experiences in Afghanistan.

Ph.D., State University of New York, Stony Brook

Phone: (209) 667-3102

Dr. Viji Sundar, Mathematics, (209) 667-3595, 3461

  • Women in Mathematics and Science Careers
  • Tips and Techniques on Teaching Your Children to
    Tap to Mathematical Tunes
  • Children's Mathematics Curriculum
  • Recreational Mathematics - Fun for the Family
  • Multiculturalism in Mathematics
  • Eurocentrism in Mathematics
  • Stories from Panchatantra and Other Tales from India

Sundar's extensive mathematics teaching expertise extends far beyond the university classroom and into K-12 mathematics education. As the Director Mathematics Grants & Sponsored Programs, she works to steer youth to careers in mathematics and science. As founder and director of the national award-winning High School Mathematics Access Program (HiMAP), Sundar is well versed in strategies that help children persist in mathematics. A marvelous storyteller with a talent to entertain young and old with tales from her native Indian cultural heritage, Sundar loves to talk about her favorite topic, mathematics.

Ph.D., University of Illinois

Phone: (209) 667-3595, 3461


Dr. Nancy Taniguchi, History, (209) 667-3529

  • U.S. History, Post-1865
  • The American West
  • Women's History
  • Legal History
  • Railroad, Mining History

An ardent student of the Old West, Taniguchi has authored a number of articles and two books -- one that chronicles the role of the railroad and mining companies in land development and the other an award-winner about the history of Castle Valley, Utah, former hangout of Butch Cassidy's "Hole-in-the-Wall" outlaw gang. She is now taking a closer look at Pacific connections to California.

Ph.D., University of Utah

Phone: (209) 667-3529

Amy Thomas, Public Safety, (209) 667-3035 

  • Workplace Violence
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Self-Defense for Women/Children
  • Personal Safety
  • Rape Prevention
  • Binge Drinking
  • Campus Safety

Involved in the Trauma Response Team, Sexual Assault Response Team, California Crime Prevention Officer's Association, and the American Society of Industrial Security, Thomas is a rape aggression self-defense instructor for adults and children. She has expertise on a number of student awareness topics.

B.A., Stanislaus State

Phone: (209) 667-3035

Dr. James Tuedio, Philosophy and Director of University Honors Program, (209) 667-3286

  • Ethical Perspectives on Contemporary Moral Issues
  • Professional, Business, and Management Ethics
  • Ethical Issues in the Workplace
  • Postmodern Thought
  • Nietzsche
  • Conflict Resolution

Tuedio has made presentations at international conferences on philosophical consultation and published a dozen articles on the writings of the 20th Century French and German philosophers relating to the study of mind, reason, and the interpretive framework of human experience. He also serves as director of the University's Honors Program.

Ph.D., University of Colorado

Phone: (209) 667-3286



Dr. Andrew Wagner, Finance, (209) 667-3118, 3671

  • Financial Markets & Institutions
  • International Finance
  • Derivative Securities
  • Business Finance
  • Managerial Finance
  • Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

Wagner's extensive research has included co-authored, published articles on "The Factors Behind Put-Call Parity Violations of S&P 100 Index Options" in The Financial Review, "A Pattern Approach to Early Warning Systems in Commercial Banking" in the Journal of Business and Finance and Accounting and "Non-Linear Dynamics in Foreign Exchange Rates" in Global Finance Journal.

Ph.D., Texas A&M University

Phone: (209)667-3118, 667-3671

Dr. Richard Wallace , Anthropology, (209) 667-3228

  • Brazilian Amazon
  • Tropical Conservation and Development
  • Sustainable Development
  • Marketing of Forest Products

Dr. Wallace has conducted research and training with forest communities and local agencies in the Southwest Brazilian Amazon near the Peruvian and Bolivian borders since 1992. His fieldwork includes working with traditional rubber tapper populations to better understand the effects of integrating their rainforest knowledge with commercial businesses. He has also developed training courses on business administration, while studying the changing market relationships between forest communities and local businesses.

Ph.D., University of Florida
Phone (209) 667-3228


Dr. Shuo Wang, History, (209) 664-6633

  • Chinese History
  • Gender and Ethnicity in Qing China (17th-19th centuries)

Wang is fluent in modern Chinese, classical Chinese, Japanese, Manchus, and English. She has published research regarding the Ming Dynasty, Manchu Women, Tui Bei Tu, and its historical significance and other aspects of Chinese history.

Ph.D., Michigan State University

Phone: (209) 664-6633

Dr. Richard Weikart, History, (209) 667-3522

  • History of Darwinism, Social Darwinism (Religion, Creationism, etc.)
  • History of Eugenics, Racism in Germany
  • Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Hitler's ideology, Nazi racism, Nazi medical ethics

Weikart has published Hitler's Ethic, a book on Hitler's ideology, as well as From Darwin to Hitler, which covers evolutionary ethics in Germany, including discussions of eugenics, racism, euthanasia, and other issues. He has also done extensive research for a book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran pastor and theologian who was deeply involved in the German resistance movement during World War II.

Ph.D., University of Iowa

Phone: (209) 667-3522

Dr. Jason Winfree, Philosophy, (209) 664-6669 or 667-3238

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Aesthetics
  • Modernism/Post Modernism

With expertise in 19th and 20th century European philosophy, Winfree specializes on different aspects of Europe. He has recent publications on Nietzsche, Kant, Blanchot, Heidegger and Derrida, and Deleuze and Blanchot.

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Phone: (209) 664-6669 or 667-3238

Dr. Joan Wink, Teacher Education, (209) 667-3471

  • Teacher Education, Schools Issues
  • Research on Rapid Changes in Education
  • Mulitilingual Classrooms

Dr. Wink has an extensive list of published works as an expert on bilingual and multilingual teaching credential programs.

Ph.D., Texas A&M

Office Phone: (209) 667-3471

Dr. Steven Wolf, Biology, (209) 667-3489

  • Use of Computers in Linking Biology Instruction and Research
  • Developing Biological Data Bases for World Wide Web

Wolf created and pioneered CSUBIOWEB, a Web site that provides a worldwide digital link to biology information. He has served as director of Biology Lab On-Line, a project of the Integrated Technology Strategy of the California State University system designed to enrich student learning opportunities through use of the World Wide Web and other relevant technology.

Ph. D., University of Alberta 

Office phone: (209) 667-3489


Dr. Kou Yang, Ethnic and Gender Studies, (209) 667-3250

  • Hmong American Studies
  • Working with Southeast Asian Refugees

Yang brought 13 years of social work experience in Fresno County with him as one of the first Hmong-American professors and Ph.D. recipients in the United States. His studies focus on Hmong-Americans and their adjustment to life in the United States. Yang has made presentations at a number of international conferences and conducted research in China.

Ed.D., Joint Doctoral Program of Educational Leadership, Fresno State University/UC Davis

Phone: (209) 667-3250

Dr. Shawna Young, Physical Education and Health, (209) 667-3320

  • Women's Wrestling
  • Motor Learning

Young has conducted research on women's collegiate wrestling. She was a competitive women's wrestler, qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in 2000.

Ed.D., Boise State University

Phone: (209) 667-3320

Dr. James Youngblom, Biology, (209) 667-3950

  • Recombinant DNA
  • Biotechnology
  • Cell Biology

Youngblom's research projects include genetic analysis of regional endangered species. His research involves the tools of recombinant DNA technology and forensic science.

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Phone: (209) 667-3950, 667-3476

Dr. Janey Youngblom, Biology, (209) 667-3487

  • Human Genetics, Human Genome Project
  • Molecular Cytogenetics

Youngblom's research has covered gene mapping, molecular cytogenetic analysis of patients with chromosome abnormalities, comparative genome analysis using molecular cytogenetic techniques, and genetic analysis of a human mitochondrial disease called Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at UC San Francisco.

Ph.D., Genetics, University of Minnesota

Office phone:  209-667-3487


Dr. Lu Rose Zhang, Physics, (209) 667-3774

  • Solid State Physics
  • Superconductivity

A native of China and an avid physics researcher, Zhang has done extensive studies on crystal growth, magnetic property of the material, and high-temperature superconductivity, including its history, recent developments, and physics property. Her research has drawn international attention, and she has collaborated with scientists from all over the world on the topic.

Ph.D., UC Davis

Phone: (209) 667-3774